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Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another, and a command-line tool that uses this library. It can read markdown and (subsets of) reStructuredText, HTML, and LaTeX, and it can write markdown, reStructuredText, HTML, LaTeX, DocBook, OpenDocument XML, RTF, ODT, GNU Texinfo, MediaWiki markup, and S5 HTML slide shows. Pandoc extends standard markdown syntax with footnotes, embedded LaTeX, and more. A compatibility mode is provided for those who need a drop-in replacement for Included wrapper scripts make it easy to convert markdown to PDFs and Web pages to markdown documents. It has a modular design where the addition of a new input or output format requires only the addition of a reader or writer module.


Recent releases

  •  01 Aug 2011 02:42

    Release Notes: This is mostly a bugfix and polish release. An OS X binary package is now provided.

    •  31 Jan 2011 05:39

      Release Notes: New features include automatic citations using citeproc, a textile reader and writer, an Emacs org-mode writer, better support for scripting, LaTeX macros for math, more uniform output for all writers, and performance improvements throughout.

      •  19 Jul 2009 00:41

        Release Notes: This is mostly a bugfix release. The default markdown parser has been made more efficient. HTML sections are now enclosed in divs with unique identifiers. A more portable version of markdown2pdf (written in Haskell) has been provided.

        •  02 Mar 2009 01:11

          Release Notes: In addition to fixing a number of bugs, this release adds two new features: user control over the email obfuscation method and support for literate Haskell.

          •  14 Sep 2008 04:29

            Release Notes: This release adds four new output formats: OpenDocument XML, GNU Texinfo, ODT, and MediaWiki markup. Pandoc's markdown now supports a new delimited (or "fenced") code block syntax, with optional syntax highlighting. The build system has been cleaned up, and the API now provides handy generic functions for querying and transforming documents. Support for LaTeX math in Markdown documents has been improved.


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