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22 Jan 2006 15:30 Shovas

Active development

My own project forked from pam_mysql 0.5:

22 Nov 2003 21:41 Shovas

Overtaken by project nss_pgsql with its own PAM module
The nss_pgsql project,

Has effectively overtaken development of this PAM module in their project. They have released an NSS plugin and a PAM module. They are separately downloadable via their Sourceforge location.

I just wanted to let other visitors know there is a secure, under-development PAM module to accomplish Postgres-backed authentication.

15 Jul 2002 12:30 fearlezz

Leaks :(
Fscking insecure :(
-SEGV's when you enter a EOF at the passwd prompt
-login as any user without knowing password

root'; select 'crypt_passwd' as password where '1

Unfortunately, the author says it's 'obsolete' software...


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