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pam_envfeed is a PAM module that runs an external program, grabs its output, and then defines the environment variables this program has emitted. It is especially useful for dynamically setting up a PATH that depends on many circumstances (such as whether the user is root, or whether a directory exists or not).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Aug 2007 15:48

    Release Notes: Minor documentation updates were made.

    •  20 May 2004 19:48

      Release Notes: Many more environment variables are now available within the child process. A complex example was also added.

      •  15 May 2004 00:19

        Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with GDM due to signal handling issues. Now sigchld is blocked until it has waited for the child, so GDM's own sigchild handler cannot reap this child.

        •  13 May 2004 21:09

          Release Notes: Minor Makefile cleanup.

          •  13 May 2004 09:45

            Release Notes:


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