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  •  11 Aug 2010 14:56

    Release Notes: A bug causing screwiness with soft-blocking EAPI 3 packages has been fixed. GCC 4.5 appears to be unhappy with dlclose being called in a static variable's dtor, so this is no longer done. ACCEPT_LICENSE is now automatically set based upon accepted licences. The "cave print-id-*" commands now have the "--all" option and will accept wildcards. Certain "cave" commands will now suggest possibilities if there is nothing matching the target supplied. Fuzzy name matching will now also suggest packages whose names contain the target as a substring.

    •  10 Aug 2010 10:32

      Release Notes: cave perform calls fail hooks. cave print-id-contents has a --type option. cave print-packages now has --repository and --category. Output buffering of commands was changed to better handle progress bars of the kind displayed by wget and git. To avoid excessive hopping, cave execute-resolution only switches between outputs every few seconds. cave display-resolution shows flag changes more clearly. cave purge and purges for cave resolve are faster. cave resolve --less-restrictive-remove-blockers is more likely to be able to fix breakages. An error that was triggered by use of this option is fixed.

      •  08 Aug 2010 10:31

        Release Notes: glibc 2.12 changes the OS ABI used by its libraries, so "cave fix-linkage" and "reconcilio" have been updated to ignore OS ABI mismatches to avoid marking every package that uses libc as being broken.

        •  06 Aug 2010 22:13

          Release Notes: format="exheres" and "ebuild" are deprecated in favour of "e". Specifying 'root' in a repo config file overrides the env-supplied default. 'cave resolve' will select packages even if [use] deps are unmet, and will display the changes needed to user config. 'cave resolve --without' allows nothing at all to be installed. 'cave resolve' has options for chroot handling. 'cave execute-resolution' writes resume data after every job completion. 'cave import' has '--strip --preserve-work' options, and the default for build_options: preserve_work is now disabled.

          •  31 Jul 2010 12:27

            Release Notes: :* dependencies no longer count as matching every slot when testing removal safety. When 'cave resolve' changes from having made a decision to being unable to make a decision, and where dependencies from the previously made decision have already been tracked, a horrible error is no longer produced. 'cave display-resolution' now shows download sizes, and no longer displays empty descriptions. 'cave resolve' now has a '--fetch' option to skip non-fetch jobs. 'cave show' now has a '--no-versions' option.

            •  28 Jul 2010 20:29

              Release Notes: "cave resolve --continue-on-failure" interacted weirdly with background fetching. This is now fixed. Support for automatic repository configuration creation via installing a "repository/somerepo" pseudo-package is now available on Gentoo. Queries in the form "*/*::foo->" no longer force pointless generation of metadata for ebuilds.

              •  26 Jul 2010 14:29

                Release Notes: "cave purge" and "cave resolve" will no longer either give misleading output or produce a horrible error when a package providing an old style virtual is marked for purging. "cave resolve" will no longer give a horrible error when encountering certain convoluted circular dependencies.

                •  24 Jul 2010 23:38

                  Release Notes: This version now requires a compiler supporting various C++0x features, such as GCC 4.4 or later. format="exheres" and format="ebuild" are now known as format="e". The old format names remain valid and are not yet deprecated. "cave execute-resolution" now allows a single fetch job and a single execute job to be executed in parallel. "cave resolve" will now select weakly masked packages rather than being unable to decide. Such packages must be manually unmasked before the resolution can proceed.

                  •  22 Jul 2010 22:59

                    Release Notes: If the user explicitly specified an option for the special 'test' flag, this would override the build_options magic. This is now fixed. Certain pkg_ functions are no longer skipped for 0-based EAPIs, to work around badly behaving Gentoo ebuilds. If 'cave show' displays a masked package, it will now pick a version that is easy to unmask over a higher version that cannot be unmasked. There is a new 'cave verify' subcommand for checking whether installed packages have been modified.

                    •  21 Jul 2010 13:01

                      Release Notes: xattr support was previously looking for attr/xattr.h rather than sys/xattr.h, and so was not being detected on glibc systems without attr installed. This is now corrected. On some systems, the Python bindings were giving dlopen related warnings due to the linker trying to be too clever. This is now worked around. New cave subcommands were added for scripting: print-id-actions, print-id-masks, print-repository-metadata, and print-set.


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