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RPN is a Reverse Polish Notation calculator.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jun 2002 21:06

    Release Notes: This release fixes fractionary part parsing (3.123 was being parsed as 3.321).

    •  13 Jun 2002 06:48

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      Recent comments

      01 Jan 2007 13:39 bergo

      Nice to see that someone made something out of this old lump of code :-)

      24 Mar 2006 20:06 rwwff

      Update for 2.1.2
      Did some bug fixes, added a view registers command in the toolbox, add operators for register storage just like the 15C/12C. Click STO, then + then the register number to add the stack value to the indicated register.

      Added cheat sheets for trig and stat command sets. Who wants to forget law of sines when you're out in the shop needing to set an angle on a table saw...

      08 Feb 2006 11:20 rwwff

      2.1.x reorganization
      I just recently hit the size limit for the single segment layout and have reoganized the code into a multiple segment approach. Once I'm confident that its working ok, I'll update the RPN2 branch again. The update also includes a hopefully final patch to the fix(n) formatting which in 2.0.3 was still not working quite right.

      Once that is taken care of and stabile, I will be bringing in some complex math from the GNU gsl (scientifici library).

      27 Jan 2006 05:31 rwwff

      Purpose of Update
      I'm having fun with this code, so if there are things you would like to see in a non-programmable RPN calculator, please email me, or post a comment here.

      Also thoughts on including MKS units in the constants, ie since a calculator only pushes the number, how to best indicate that velocities are in m/s, etc. Speed of light for instance could be pushed as ~3x10^10cm/s or ~3x10^8m/s; both are quite commonly used. Program could just assume that if the user is working with Avagadro's number or the Planc constant they should be able to recognize the MKS/cgs nature of the unit pushed on the stack.. Thoughts anyone?


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