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Pakt is an XML abstraction layer for GObjects. It maintains a server-side tree of glib-like (Gtk, Gnome, etc) objects and provides access methods to manipulate the same (and thereby the running 'application'). Its primary use is to publish GStreamer pipelines, enabling connected clients to monitor and change the element's parameters and the pipeline's structure.

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  •  18 Sep 2004 22:43

Release Notes: Modules for GTK and "server controls" were added, enabling a GUI client (paktc). Various new features and bugs were introduced and some bugs were fixed. The documentation is now out of date.

  •  18 Mar 2004 20:58

Release Notes: The handling of GProperty was redesigned, networking was stabilized, and a "/system" branch describing the available namespaces and classes therein was added. Monitoring was redesigned, many bugs were fixed, and various other minor feature enhancements were made. GStreamer 0.8 or newer is now required.

  •  24 Nov 2003 09:15

Release Notes: The build system was migrated to autoconf/automake. The architecture was modularized ("pgstd" turns into "paktd -m gst"). p:property specs were moved to p:spec. p:spec type names are now short (for example, "double" instead of "Double-precision Floating-point Value"). @readable and @writable were added to p:spec. @replyto was added to p:monitor. Small fixes and changes were also made.

  •  25 Sep 2003 07:07

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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