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Release Notes: Makefiles have been fixed, the plugin 'socket' has been extended with the 'connections' switch, and two new using-plugins (jpg2bmp and gif2bmp) have been added.

Release Notes: This release includes fixes for bugs in the parameter parse routine, changes to the using-plugin interface, updates to the help and dump plugins, fixes for Makefile dependencies, new plugins; 'chain' and 'buffer', more comments for developers, updated template files, and fixes for compiling under Solaris.

Release Notes: Fix for plugin file, small configure script, made the command-line interface is now more flexible, template files updated, new plugin 'tee' (demostrates dynamic nesting of plugins), program flow restructured, and some trash removed

Release Notes: File-plugin extensions, bidirectional communication on input-side (needed for input streams which communicate while transferring data), a new input-plugin (HTTP), fixes for severe bugs in socket/stdin/file/help-plugins, and new features in dump-plugin.


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