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26 Feb 2000 20:38 planders

new debian package
Please try out the pagecast_2.0beta3 debian package... the earlier debian package was unusable for anyone other than me. This fixes that problem and a few other smaller ones.

24 Feb 2000 17:24 planders

Please test the Beta releases!
The 2.0 Beta releases are availible at the links above. If you are a Pagecast user (or want to download it) PLEASE download the beta and test it out and SEND BUG REPORTS so I can get a nice, stable 2.0 release out there.

Anyway, I'd be surprised if half of the servers in the 1.1.1 version worked, as the sites tend to change their HTML on a regular basis.

Beyond the 2.0 release, I've got no major plans for the program besides bug fixes and things like documentation and language file updates, and of course, keeping the server defintions current.

06 Sep 1999 03:26 planders

2.0 alpha series now availible
There is a new series of alpha releases availible in preparation for Pagecast 2.0. Go to the Pagecast homepage listed above to download them. They are NOT for casual users but people who are interested in the development of Pagecast are asked to try them out. There are many new features including finer grained control over servers & threads, modular servers, full HTTP proxy support (and more robust networking in general) and SMTP support.

15 Jul 1999 19:12 planders

Possible incompatibility
Some users are reporting problems with Pagecast and other Python software when they are running both the newest Python 1.5.2 *and* the Linux Kernel version 2.0.x.

The solution pending further debugging is to either upgrade to Linux 2.2.x or downgrade Python to 1.5.1.

06 Jul 1999 23:06 planders

new mailing list for Pagecast
Visit the Pagecast home page (listed above) for information about joining the new Pagecast mailing list.


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