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Pacu is a highly dynamic, scalable coding environment. It provides freely configurable syntax highlighting, live multi-file text matching, and a deeply integrated terminal. Pacu is designed to be low latency and non-intrusive.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Oct 2010 19:54

    Release Notes: This version brings many bugfixes and some interesting new features. Syntax highlighting for Octave, Pascal, and Neko was added. For the haXe programming language, there is now support for code tips. Other improvements include better support for different mouse / touch devices and support for dropping URLs into the terminal window.

    •  01 Jul 2010 18:52

      Release Notes: The most crucial bugfix closes crashes on haXe files. Furthermore, syntax highlighting has been improved for all languages, mostly affecting Ruby and haXe. On OS X, you can now use the Finder to open files. Pacu delivers for most of the supported file types icons and needed Launch Service integration.

      •  07 Jun 2010 22:24

        Release Notes: Keyboard shortcuts and focus problems have been fixed. Quick-file open is now accessible again from the keyboard on Mac OS X. Window size is now restored properly on Mac OS X.

        •  01 Jun 2010 16:48

          Release Notes: This version is mainly a bugfix and feature consolidation release. Besides many bugfixes, it brings two major improvements: wider language support for syntax highlighting and a more native build for OS X. The Charcoal highlighting engine was extended to read case-insensitive grammars, and adds supports for the following languages: Actionscript 3, haXe, CSS2, Tex/LaTex, and SQL. For the haXe language, there is a special feature included: code browsing. To open up the code browser, go to the "View" menu.

          •  20 Feb 2010 17:10

            Release Notes: This version consolidates all elements of the user interface. The highlighting engine was rewritten completely. The new highlighter is called "charcoal" and allows users to specify their own grammar and theme files written in JavaScript. Some popular themes like "Ruby Blue" and "Ryan Light" are included. The rest of the UI got a major overhaul. Subpixel anti-aliasing is now supported for both the terminal and the editor widget. Input context support to enter accents and diacritics has been added. The terminal has been reworked and now supports much better ncurses based applications.

            Recent comments

            24 Sep 2009 07:59 randhol

            Too many non-shareware project availalbe that are better...


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