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  •  22 Jul 2013 21:51

Release Notes: This release adds support for "hostapd" access points and fixes various bugs, some of them dramatically improving the performance of pfsetvlan.

  •  15 Jul 2013 20:49

Release Notes: This release adds many bugfixes and enhancements. bind has been replaced by pfdns (PF's own DNS server), Oauth2 support has been greatly improved, line graphs of reports have new counters, simple searching of nodes has been extended to match MAC, owner, and computer name, each portal profile can now use a list of authentication sources, and a switch definition can now be easily cloned.

  •  22 May 2013 01:37

Release Notes: This is a minor release with important bugfixes. It also adds support for all CDP-compatible VoIP phones on Cisco switches and new Debian Wheezy packages.

  •  10 May 2013 21:31

Release Notes: This release introduces a brand new modern, fast, and responsive Web administrative interface. It also simplifies the definition of authentication sources in one place and allows dynamic computation of roles. The portal profiles can now be entirely managed from the Web interface, simplifying their definitions and eliminating possible configuration mistakes. Using a centralized caching system, configuration is now propagated instantaneously; absolutely no downtime is required!

  •  06 Sep 2012 20:45

Release Notes: A minor release focused on small enhancements and bugfixes. Improved performance and stability. Several fixes in the FreeRADIUS, guests, billing, captive portal, and input validation areas. French and Spanish translations were updated.

  •  01 Aug 2012 21:10

Release Notes: This major release focuses on new features and enhancements. It adds a remediation module for SourceFire 3D, the ability to have different captive portals depending on the SSID you connect to, a new Web-based configuration tool which eases the installation and configuration process of a new PacketFence installation, and complete Suricata support.

  •  14 Jun 2012 01:47

Release Notes: This major release focuses on new features and enhancements, including Brocade and H3C hardware support, Debian Squeeze support, more custom VLAN support, node bulk importation improvements, new bandwidth graphs, performance tweaks, stability improvements, and a security fix.

  •  13 Apr 2012 22:15

Release Notes: A major release focused on new features and enhancements. AlliedTelesis switches support. Introduction of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Aruba, AeroHIVE, Meru, and Motorola equipment. Guests can now pre-register in advance or have their network access sponsored. Simplified inline enforcement. Several new configuration parameters that affects guest handling. Noteworthy fixes include a RADIUS Identity privacy fix and Captive portal look on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). There is some polishing and translation updates.

  •  23 Feb 2012 22:10

Release Notes: This is a major release focused on new features and enhancements. It has OpenVAS Vulnerability Assesment integration for free client-side policy compliance. Per-user bandwidth limits can be imposed using RADIUS accounting information. A new billing engine was integrated in the captive portal, allowing a variety of paid-for Internet access workflows. Several performance enhancements and more robust handling of configuration mistakes. Many bugfixes, small enhancements, and translation updates.

  •  23 Dec 2011 23:20

Release Notes: A major release focused on new features and enhancements. Statement of Health (SoH) support for reliable client-side policy compliance, detection of rogue DHCP Servers through routers, RADIUS Change of Authorization (RFC3576) support for reliable and fast authorization changes, new charts in Web Admin, wireless profile provisioning for iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices, SNMP traps overload protection, improved captive portal detection on Mac OS X Lion and mobile devices, and support for stacked Cisco 3750 switches. There are also the usual minor performance optimizations and several bugfixes.


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