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Release Notes: This release adds a checkbox in the "Choose private key file", "Choose screenshot file" and "Autosave session log" dialogs, in order to allow "Show hidden files". It adds an option to change the "combo box" for a "list of buttons" (ala SecureCRT) for remote commands (macros) under "Preferences". It modifies the "Statistics" behavior to allow resetting stats for all pac and or groups. Other minor fixes. Another little bugfix regarding local/remote macros not showing properly on PAC GUI.

  •  12 Sep 2012 21:15

Release Notes: A large PAC startup speed improvement, especially when many connections are configured. Options to allow/deny visible/audible terminal bell. A DnD method for the "Local Shell" tab to untab. A <Ctrl><Alt>d shortcut to duplicate the current connection. A <Shift><Ctrl><Alt>d shortcut to fully duplicate the current connection. Various bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release added an option to password-protect PAC at startup and when restoring from tray (optionally). A check was added to ensure that the user does not accidentally start many connections at once by drag and dropping groups. A bug that prevented <Ctrl><Shift><v> from correctly pasting text was fixed (it appended "^M" at the end). A bug with passwords containing non-alphanumeric characters and RDP connections was fixed. The <Ctrl><left/right> keyboard shortcut for changing between tabs was removed as it conflicted with SSH functionality. The four Gnome2::Vte libraries were removed.

  •  19 Oct 2011 21:02

Release Notes: This release adds a right-click option over the Connections tree to import/export connections to/from ".yml" (YAML) files. It adds a better "Incremental Search" for Connections (start typing to get results, or do <Ctrl>f), which accepts Perl regular expressions. Some transparent automatic backups with different config file formats to avoid some buggy Perl libraries not importing data from previous versions. The load configuration function has been modified to make a best effort of loading any valid previous config file.

Release Notes: A "Programatically send string" option was added for periodically sending a given string to the terminal. An "Automatic Take Screenshots" option was added. Code was added to keep the .pac/screenshots directory cleaner and more consistent. An option for automatically UNSPLITting disconnected Terminals was added in "Preferences" -> "Terminal Options". Many bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Many dependencies were removed. The Gnome2::Vte Perl library is now embedded in the PAC source code. An option was added to "Paste and Delete" in Terminals for pasting text while omitting the specified string/regex. The "ssh-askpass-gnome" dependency was removed. A minor bug that prevented specific options from being used for Text/Bold/Back color for Terminals was fixed. Minor GUI changes were made in the terminal right-click context menu to reduce its size. There was a minor code cleanup.

Release Notes: New code and bugfixes were added.

Release Notes: A right-click option over the connections list was added to start more up to 10 instances of every selected connection. A "Windows Domain" option was added for RDP connections under the "rdesktop" options of the connection editing window. Some <Ctrl><c> keypresses were modified to try to avoid some undesired disconnections. Mnemonics were added for saving and closing the "Edit" and "Preferences" windows. Very minor changes were made to the connection editor GUI.

  •  25 Mar 2011 12:43

Release Notes: Speed was tremendously improved for starting connections when you have very many sessions saved. Minor GUI changes were made for the "Edit Connection" window. A small GUI change was made for the "" file, to allow the autosizing of entry boxes again.

Release Notes: An option to restart closed connections by pressing <ENTER> was added. MAC address saving for WakeOnLan was added. The code was modified to do "symlink" instead of "link" when checking "AutostartPAC at session startup". A little information was added for disconnection in the terminal itself. An option to skip confirmation on PAC exit was added. A little bit of very minor code cleanup was done. Some modifications were added for the RPM builder (some dependencies were implicitly included).


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