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Release Notes: A right-click option over the connections list was added to start more up to 10 instances of every selected connection. A "Windows Domain" option was added for RDP connections under the "rdesktop" options of the connection editing window. Some <Ctrl><c> keypresses were modified to try to avoid some undesired disconnections. Mnemonics were added for saving and closing the "Edit" and "Preferences" windows. Very minor changes were made to the connection editor GUI.

  •  25 Mar 2011 12:43

Release Notes: Speed was tremendously improved for starting connections when you have very many sessions saved. Minor GUI changes were made for the "Edit Connection" window. A small GUI change was made for the "" file, to allow the autosizing of entry boxes again.

  •  18 Mar 2011 11:13

Release Notes: The bug that prevented restarting the terminals just by pressing "Intro" was solved.

  •  17 Mar 2011 14:15

Release Notes: GUI bugfixes and improvements were made. Code bugfixes and cleanup were done.

Release Notes: An option to restart closed connections by pressing <ENTER> was added. MAC address saving for WakeOnLan was added. The code was modified to do "symlink" instead of "link" when checking "AutostartPAC at session startup". A little information was added for disconnection in the terminal itself. An option to skip confirmation on PAC exit was added. A little bit of very minor code cleanup was done. Some modifications were added for the RPM builder (some dependencies were implicitly included).

  •  19 Feb 2011 10:51

Release Notes: 'parity', 'halfduplex', and 'nostop' options were added to the 'cu' connection method. The 'libsocket6-perl' dependency was added.

Release Notes: This release adds an option to choose the Terminal encoding type (both globally and per saved terminal). It adds the ability to define global "Remote/Local" macros definitions (good for not repeating every command for every new connection). It fixes a bug that prevented using "-" characters for "Local/Remote/Dynamic" port forwarding. It fixes a bug that prevented doing substitution (global vars, etc.) on the WakeOnLan window. Little code movements to ensure correct IPv6 handling (especially for the 'ssh' connection method).

  •  02 Feb 2011 13:42

Release Notes: GUI mofifications were made for the editing window of the SSH method. Support for more than one "Dynamic Socks Proxy" was added to the SSH method. Support for <Alt><c> (to show or hide the connections list) was added to the "Local Shell". Temporary files were moved from /tmp to $HOME/.pac/tmp for security reasons. General "Timeouts" was moved from its own tab to the "Terminal Options" tab under "Preferences". This is a "premature" release because of Sourceforge's recent attack.

Release Notes: The right-click menu was added to the terminal's TAB. A "Duplicate connection" option was added in Terminal's right-click menu. A right-click menu was added to the "Prepend command" entry box to fill it with environment, local, or global PAC variables. The connection's "Copy/Paste" code was modified to also change the TAB. A problem in which some global, local, and environment variables were not being properly updated on connected client was fixed. Options were added under "Preferences" -> "PAC Main Options" and individually for every Terminal to modify both the USERNAME loging regexp and the PASSWORD regexp.

Release Notes: A minor bug that prevented any old-PAC-configured terminal from being opened where it should was fixed. A right-click context menu was added to the IP, Port, User, and Password entry boxes to fill them with local or global PAC variables. A splash screen was added optionally to PAC startup. The <Alt><c/n> behavior over Terminals was modified to toggle connection list visibility.


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