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p910nd is a small non-spooling printer daemon that is suitable for diskless hosts, particularly hosts that have been booted via the network, or run an embedded OS, but have a printer attached. It accepts jobs from a spooling host over a TCP connection.

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Release Notes: Patches were merged in to reduce CPU usage for printers that are chatty on the reverse channel. This patch is most useful for low-powered platforms such as embedded routers.

  •  15 Sep 2007 12:54

Release Notes: The printer device is opened at the beginning and closed at the end of each print job so that the daemon does not crash with hotpluggable devices that may go away between jobs.

Release Notes: A patch was made to handle EBUSY on printer open on NetBSD by retrying periodically. The Makefile was cleaned up.

Release Notes: An option to bind to a specified IP address was added.

Release Notes: This release adds support for bidirectional stream copying for returning status messages from the printer to the spool program.


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