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  •  22 May 2008 11:37

Release Notes: File upload checks and error reporting were enhanced. A bug with file downloading within a non-Ajax environment was solved. Zend Framework was updated to 1.5.2. The P4A_Redirect_To_File() global function now checks if the file really exists within P4A_UPLOADS_DIR, otherwise it throws a P4A_Exception. P4A_Tab_Pane's pages' labels are now auto-translated with getAsString(). P4A_Field::getAsDate() no longer sets the field "readonly", thus dates can now be written by hand too. jQuery was updated to 1.2.5. jQuery::UI draggable and droppable were added. P4A_DB_Navigator's drag and drop movements were implemented.

  •  05 May 2008 14:30

Release Notes: The saveUploads() method was moved to P4A_Data_Source. P4A_DB::quote() method's 2nd parameter "autoquote" is now false by default, solving some problems with P4A_Data_Field::getSQLValue() and getSQLNewValue(). When P4A_DB_Source needs a quoted value, it uses P4A_DB->quote() with autoquote turned on. The P4A_DB::quote() method, if the autoquote parameter is on, always encloses the value within single quotes. jQuery::form was updated to 2.0.8. jQuery::iFixPNG was updated to 2.1. P4A_Menu's CSS was changed a bit, solving a bug with IE6. P4A_DB_Navigator movements were disabled (due to the unavailable jQuery UI).

  •  28 Mar 2008 04:01

Release Notes: Some minor changes were done after strict validation checks. Products_catalogue sample now has a "date" field to play with. A bug with empty values in P4A_Tables (passed to formatters) was solved. P4A_I18N::format() and normalize() methods now returns an empty string if no value is passed. P4A_Validate_NotEmpty::isValid() method now correctly handles the "0" string (which is a Zend Framework bug). P4A_I18N::translate() method returns an empty string if nothing is passed. Zend Framework was updated to 1.5.1. A bug with P4A_I18N::format() method managing dates was solved.

  •  19 Mar 2008 08:17

Release Notes: A bug with P4A_Navigation_Bar was solved. P4A_Fieldset's CSS was changed a bit so it should have the exact width set by setWidth. Some minor CSS modifications were done. A bug on Internet Explorer 6 and sidebars was solved. jQuery::iFixPNG was updated to 2.0. "folder" and "folder_open" icons were also added in the GIF format. A bug with PostgreSQL and automatic sequence name creation was fixed. P4A_DB, P4A_Tab_Pane, P4A_Table, P4A_Data_Source, and P4A_Widget were ported to the trigger_error() function for programming errors. Zend Framework was updated to 1.5.

  •  13 Mar 2008 04:42

Release Notes: A bug with invisible P4A_Table was solved. A P4A_Quote_Javascript_String() global function was added. The P4A_Widget::requireConfirmation() method now uses P4A_Quote_Javascript_String(). Some of the images used for P4A_Table and P4A_Field were moved for better directory organization. P4A_Menu now has a submenu indicator. jQuery::UI::datepicker was updated to version 3.4. A bug with FCKEditor's file manager was solved. P4A_Button now has a visible disabled state. P4A_DB_Source was completely ported to the new error handlers. A bug with P4A_Field autocomplete was solved. Multicheckbox CSS was fixed.

  •  02 Mar 2008 05:51

Release Notes: The P4A_Mask::main() method is now called also within an AJAX call if a full redesign is required. A bug with the search function within the products_catalogue sample was fixed. A bug with the P4A_DB_Source::createDataField() method was solved. The P4A_DB_Source::addJoin*() methods now support a null third parameter. A bug with P4A_DB_Source::setFields() and aliases was solved.

  •  24 Feb 2008 08:51

Release Notes: A bug with the “preview” button within P4A_Field file upload was solved. A bug with the file download was fixed. The P4A::inAjaxCall() method was rewritten. The P4A_Redirect_To_File() global function was added. The P4A_Output_File() global function was added, and has to be used when you want to creare a file at run-time and make users download it. Chainability support was added for P4A_Simple_Toolbar, P4A_Navigation_Toolbar, P4A_Full_Toolbar, and P4A_Actions_Toolbar. P4A_Sheet was re-created.

  •  07 Jan 2008 05:21

Release Notes: A major bug in P4A_DB_Source::saveRow() was fixed. The patch from Edr (introduced in 2.2.0) was removed. A few checks were added to prevent inconsistency. Some little bugs in P4A_DB_Source were fixed.

Release Notes: A bug in P4A_DB_Source was solved. P4A_Tab_Pane was nearly rewritten from scratch. P4A_Frame::anchorCenter() now automatically adds a new row to the frame. FCKEditor was updated to 2.4.1.

Release Notes: P4A_AUTO_MAXLENGTH is now disabled by default . An Afrikaans translation was added. This release handles cases when the database driver returns "table.field" as a field name. A bug with the rich text editor file manager was solved.


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