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  •  08 May 2006 01:12

Release Notes: P4A_Array_Source::load() now can be called more than one time to change the data inside the array_source. TinyFCK was updated to 0.12. A bug about invisible labels for read-only P4A_Field was solved. A bug with P4A_I18N_Messages::get() was solved. A Slovenian translation was added.

Release Notes: P4A_Data_Source, P4A_DB_Source, and P4A_Array_Source now trigger beforeMoveRow, onMoveRow, and afterMoveRow events. P4A_Mask's beforeMoveRow, onMoveRow, and afterMoveRow triggers are declared as "deprecated" and will be removed in version 1.2. Some minor beautifications were done.

  •  19 Apr 2006 07:47

Release Notes: A string padding bug in P4A_Date::unformat was fixed. The Polish translation was updated and a Danish translation was added. PEAR was updated to 1.4.9. Some minor bugfixes were made.

  •  10 Apr 2006 02:52

Release Notes: A "clone" function, which emulates the PHP5 cloning system, was added. A PHP5 warning bug was solved. P4A_DB_Source::setQuery() now automatically generates the counting query. A bug in P4A_Field::getAsString() was solved. Minor beautifications were done.

  •  06 Apr 2006 08:24

Release Notes: A bug with the mt_MT locale was fixed. A complete syntax check was done on all files. A bug with P4A_DB_Source about multiple join with homonym fields was fixed.

  •  29 Mar 2006 13:41

Release Notes: A bug in P4A_Data_Source was fixed. A bug with P4A_DB_Source::__sleep was fixed. A Polish translation was added. A bug with P4A_Field::getAsRadio() was fixed.

  •  22 Mar 2006 13:48

Release Notes: tinyFCK was updated to 0.10. A bug with rich textarea upload was fixed. A bug with null dates/numbers formatting was fixed. XHTML width/height for P4A_Button were restored. Now P4A_Button::setSize() supports width and height with WIDTHxHEIGHT format. A minor bugfix in P4A_Table CSS was made.

  •  21 Mar 2006 03:02

Release Notes: Indonesian and Japanese translations were added. P4A_DB_Source now correctly handles multiordering/multipk. A bug that prevented the DHTML calendar from showing correctly was fixed. A bug with P4A_DB_Source::setPageLimit(0) was fixed. Some code reference issues were fixed.

  •  16 Mar 2006 13:58

Release Notes: A Chinese translation was added. A bugfix in XHTML validation for P4A_Field::getAsDate() was made. PEAR was updated to 1.4.8. P4A_Table now implements the COL tag, and the resulting HTML was cleaned up. Some minor internal APIs were changed.

  •  09 Mar 2006 07:39

Release Notes: The "new" icon was changed from "pencil" to "document". getAsMulticheckbox() is now rendered with a checkbox and XHTML label. A system was introduced to avoid problems with the browser's back/forward feature. A bugfix was made for P4A_Button, so now l10n labels work again. Minor bugfixes and documentation changes were made.


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A Thread-safe quad tree C library.


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Additional Netfilter/iptables modules.