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Version 2.0.3-beta3 of p0f

Release Notes: Masquerade detection now also checks for timestamp behavior. Fuzzy TTL matching is available. An uptime indicator has been added to query structures. There are more signatures.

Other releases

  •  16 Jan 2012 23:18

    Release Notes: This complete rewrite adds a range of new TCP fingerprinting mechanisms, sophisticated NAT detection, HTTP inspection and fingerprinting, and updated signatures.

    •  06 Sep 2006 03:41

    Release Notes: New fingerprints were added. Diagnostic and statistics query mode and utilities were contributed. Other minor fixes were made.

    •  10 Aug 2006 07:45

    Release Notes: New fingerprints were added, including ones for Windows Vista. Support for older architectures was improved. The plugin query capability was improved. Minor bugfixes were made.

    •  09 Mar 2006 13:11

    Release Notes: New signatures, better logging, and various minor improvements. Fixes to compile on newer Linux distributions. A Cygwin port.

    •  13 Sep 2004 12:33

    Release Notes: Established connection fingerprinting (ACK mode) is now supported. 802.1Q VLAN support had been added. New fingerprints are available. Minor other tweaks have been added.


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