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Overthere is a Java library to manipulate files and execute processes on remote hosts, i.e. do stuff "over there". It was built for and is used in the XebiaLabs deployment automation product Deployit as a way to perform tasks on remote hosts, e.g. copy configuration files, install EAR files, or restart Web servers. Another way of looking at it is to say that Overthere gives you and java.lang.Process as they should have been: as interfaces, created by a factory and extensible through an SPI mechanism.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Feb 2012 12:03

    Release Notes: This release fixes backwards incompatibility: It adds an explicit close() method to the new OverthereConnection interface (it was a class in 1.0.13) that does not throw

    •  20 Feb 2012 16:38

      Release Notes: This release adds support for SSH tunnels to jumpstations and for NTLM authentication on CIFS connections. It has been upgraded to SSH/J 0.7.0.

      •  18 Jan 2012 12:13

        Release Notes: Masked passwords in logging. ItestHostFactory also looks for in ~/.itest (in addition to the classpath and the current working directory).

        •  12 Jan 2012 14:57

          Release Notes: This release allows forward slashes (/) to be used in Windows paths. It is possible to access non-administrative shares on Windows so that the CIFS connection methods can be used with regular user accounts. See the pathShareMappings connection option. The allocatePty connection option has been added to specify an explicit pseudo-terminal to use.


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          Project Spotlight

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