Comments for OverLook Webmail

18 Nov 2005 06:49 winman

very good job.
overlook is very good, thanks you very much. keep up.

02 Aug 2005 12:39 diaolin

And a good news
In september we will release the 4.0 version with a new additional plugin: OverCalendar.

This is a group-domain calendaring system totally

Ical RFC compliant.

Wait for the news, we are working quick on this project...

The calendars are separated by domain and saved on a PostgreSQL database, one for each domain.


02 Aug 2005 12:36 diaolin

If it does not show your language
Chdir into po/ folder and then execute as root user

./compilepo it_IT if you use italian language otherwise choose your ll_LL localization.

This is necessary due to a problem with glibc...

16 Jun 2004 03:05 diaolin

If you want to use it
in config_local.php change the

$internal_net = array('');


$internal_net = array();

otherwise you shoud declare the login names into

the external_net file....


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