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Open Tool Kit (Otk) is a portable widget library for making graphical user interfaces for C programs. It emphasizes simplicity for the application programmer without eliminating capability. Based on OpenGL, Otk supports Linux, Unix, and other OSs neutrally and efficiently. It is simple and compact, and it strives for easy compilation and linking to other applications. In seeking to address several issues associated with earlier graphics APIs, Otk explores some interesting methods, such as window-relative layout instead of pixel-based layout.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Feb 2014 18:41

    Release Notes: This release adds the ability to use GPU-based anti-aliasing, or multi-sampling, if your system supports it. It provides a cleaner look with faster rendering. The new feature defaults to Off, since it may cause some systems to crash. Some symbols were added to the built-in font set which were previously missing. Additionally, this release contains some general code cleanups and safety improvements.

    •  02 Jan 2012 14:35

      Release Notes: This release adds a timer function and includes some minor code improvements. The timer function will schedule your selected callback routine to be called after a specified number of seconds. It is useful for wake-up functions. For example, it can be used to remove momentary message windows.

      •  01 Apr 2011 04:22

        Release Notes: This release includes minor code clean-ups and an initialization fix. All features remain stable.

        •  25 Mar 2010 04:20

          Release Notes: Major improvements were made in the GUI builder. Objects can now be moved between panels. Tool tips were added for main items. Right-clicking objects now allows properties to be edited. Paste operations are now offset on each paste.

          •  28 Aug 2009 11:36

            Release Notes: This release completes activating mouse scroll-wheel operation for all platforms and adds a link to the new Stopwatch-Timer project (based on OTK) under the Examples and Projects Webpage.


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