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Ogg Theora

Ogg Theora is Xiph.Org's first publicly released video codec, intended for use within the Ogg's project's Ogg multimedia streaming system. Theora is derived directly from On2's VP3 codec and is a superset of VP3.


Recent releases

  •  25 Sep 2009 14:38

    Release Notes: Better-looking videos or smaller files at the same quality. A much faster decoder. Two-pass mode for making files just the size you want them. Rigid bitrate controls trade off quality for the needs of live streaming applications.

    •  05 Nov 2008 21:07

      Release Notes: There are now new separate encoder and decoder libraries supporting the new-style API based on theora-exp. Assembly optimizations were made. Documentation was improved. General robustness was increased, and many bugs were fixed.

      •  22 Jun 2006 17:14

        Release Notes: This release contains build fixes from the alpha6 release. There are no new features. The new MMX asm is enabled by default, and a problem with that same code on SELinux machines has been fixed.

        •  09 Jun 2006 17:22

          Release Notes: This release is an incremental update over alpha 5, consisting primarily of bugfixes and a merge of the encoder optimizations from the theora-mmx branch.

          •  13 Sep 2005 05:39

            Release Notes: Bitrate management bugs that caused popping and encode errors were fixed along with a crash problem with the theora_state internals not being intialized properly. A new theora_granule_shift() utility function was added. The dump_video example now makes YUV4MPEG files by default so that results can be fed back to encoder_example and similar tools (the old behavior is restored with the '-r' switch). ./configure now prints a summary. A simple unit test of the comment API is now performed with a 'make check'. Miscellaneous code cleanups were made along with warning and leak fixes.


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