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OST-Box is a set-top box user interface. It provides an integrated way to access to all kinds of media, with only a remote command (lirc). The current features include TV and Web radio support, TV program guide, record scheduler, browsing and editing of photo and MP3 collections, playing of video, and starting external programs (for watching DVDs, TV, etc.). Differents looks are available through a skin system. The interface is entirely written in XML and JavaScript (using Mozilla Spidermonkey). The xine engine is also embedded for playing music and viewing TV.


Recent releases

  •  16 Apr 2007 21:17

    Release Notes: An interface to ACPI suspend was added, so it is now possible to make the box shut down when the user leaves and have it wake up automatically for the next TV recording. The lirc part was also improved, with the ability to connect to multiple lirc daemons and to provide a filtered lirc proxy to legacy lirc applications.

    •  04 Apr 2007 10:02

      Release Notes: The TV viewer can now use the tvtime deinterlacer. The recorder UI was improved to give better feedback to the user. Some important bugs with newer versions of xine-lib were fixed. A German translation is now included.

      •  21 Feb 2007 07:22

        Release Notes: A programmable TV recorder was added. The TV program guide was improved and now shows record schedules. Some bugs were fixed in the internal TV viewer.

        •  08 Feb 2007 07:06

          Release Notes: The music interface was improved.

          •  25 Jan 2007 13:04

            Release Notes: "SMS" input from a lirc remote or keyboard was added, with full configuration from the interface. Among some smaller improvements, an important bug concerning global installation was fixed. (lirc and dvb-t were not working.)

            Recent comments

            27 Aug 2008 09:19 tunb

            Build OST-Box on Fedora Core 8
            Hi all,

            After build and run OSTBox on FC8, I open a video file clock.avi (any other also the same problem) then show debug information:

            Started Child Process ....

            and program is hang until press Ctrl + C.

            Pls help me to resolve this problem.


            15 Sep 2007 01:39 pludov

            Re: FC7 and MP3
            Probably the xine engine is configured to use an inexistant sound system or sound card. Please check the following config entries in ~/.ostbox/xine.cfg :




            You can try with alsa as well....

            13 Sep 2007 12:58 bubbaloo

            FC7 and MP3
            I recompiled the SRPM for FC7.

            I installed it and all dependancies are satisfied.

            Playing videos works, playing MP3s does not.

            I ran: ostbox with "-v -d"

            I populated the playlist with 5 MP3 files.

            Here's what I got after hitting Play:

            startplaying : 0

            startplaying : 1

            startplaying : 2

            startplaying : 3

            startplaying : 4

            startplaying : undefined

            Any ideas why this happens ?

            21 Mar 2006 07:01 pludov

            Re: error while "make"
            It's fixed in 0.2.5. A crash with new installation has been corrected as well...

            17 Mar 2006 01:00 pludov

            Re: error while "make"
            I think yo use a different version of gcc than I, and it must make a difference somewhere... which version of gcc are you using ? (gcc --version)

            To fix, can you try to add this on line 10 of Metadata.h :

            class MetaUser;

            Please tell me if it fix the problem !


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