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Open Source Audio Library Project

The Open Source Audio Library Project (OSALP) is a C++ class library that contains everything needed to build an audio application, including a powerful chaining concept so programmers can build by selecting the building blocks they desire and arranging them in a chain. The data will then be processed by pulling the data through the chain. It supports WAV, MP3, au, aiff, and aifc formats, and contains classes for playing, recording, time recording, editing, mixing, sample rate conversion, and spectrum display.


Recent releases

  •  13 Aug 2001 10:55

    Release Notes: Added aflibAudioBWFilter class that implements a Butterworth filter providing band pass, band reject, low pass, and high pass filters. Added aflibAudioMemoryInput class providing the ability to insert audio data into the start of an audio chain from data in memory. Added AFLIB_DATA_32S (32 bit signed) data type. The aflibAudioSampleRateCvt class now has volume adjustment associated with it. Various bugs have also been fixed.

    •  22 May 2001 05:08

      Release Notes: New in the 0.7.1 release is support for FreeBSD, numerous bug fixes, new Makefile system, and a new mp3 reader module based on the open source splay library.

      •  04 Dec 2000 20:49

        Release Notes: First beta release, adding support for Solaris Sparc as well as an improved Makefile and install system.

        •  06 Oct 2000 06:22

          Release Notes: This release includes numerous bugfixes, mu-law and a-law codecs for the AU and WAV audio formats, and allows you to change the amount of buffering performed by the sound card.

          •  09 Jul 2000 22:14

            Release Notes: Automatic data conversion, memory caching, and bugfixes.


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