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Orient Key/Value Server

Orient Key/Value Server is based on the Document Database technology and is accessible as an embedded repository via Java APIs or via HTTP using a RESTful API. It uses a new algorithm called RB+Tree, derived from the Red-Black Tree to maintain tree balance, and from the B+Tree storing the links to records in pages to optimize memory consumption and loading time. Orient Key/Value Server scales out very well in a cluster with thousands of running machines: Orient will divide the load among all the nodes. Clustering, by default, works in auto-discovery mode: when a node starts, it attaches itself to the cluster if one is available. When a node goes down, the cluster automatically rebalances itself.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 May 2010 11:54

    Release Notes: This release changes internal management to adhere to the new OrientDB Security policies of version 0.9.15.

    •  21 May 2010 14:26

      Release Notes: This release adds a new database structure and improved performance in highly concurrent scenarios. Old databases need to be exported and reimported.

      •  28 Apr 2010 09:11

        Release Notes: A new feature to browse all the keys of a bucket was added. The speed of loading static files was improved.

        •  26 Apr 2010 09:14

          Release Notes: A new welcome page was added with the basic console to handle key/values. Now Orient KV Server loads any databases placed in the $ORIENT_HOME/databases directory without the need to configure them. Memory databases can be used and shared on any Orient KV Server instances. The "temp" instance is configured by default.

          •  21 Apr 2010 14:26

            Release Notes: Issues on empty databases were fixed.


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