Version 1.0rc9 of OrientDB

Release Notes: New studio look and feel and an improved Query panel. SQL: new subquery, a new SKIP keyword for pagination, and INSERT accepts SET syntax like SQL UPDATE. Updated Tinkerpop stack: Gremlin 1.5, Blueprints 1.2, and Pipes 1.0. Schema: new support for metadata on property. Many bugs have been fixed (35 issues in total).

    Other releases

    •  26 Mar 2014 18:09

      Release Notes: For Core, this release supports retro-compatibility for databases created with OrientDB v1.5 or higher, improves performance on ORDER BY against indexes, and improves performance on RENAME CLASS. For Graph, it adds support for vertex-centric traversal by using SQL. For SQL, it adds an UPSERT keyword to execute an INSERT or UPDATE based on a condition, and UPDATE can now ADD to sub-document fields. For Indexes, it adds support for external engines. For Studio, it adds a new Query Timeline to the History and a new Index Panel.

      •  07 Feb 2014 03:16

        Release Notes: A new LINKBag to manage LINKS. This drastically improves performance. SQL: a new LOCK keyword to specify a locking strategy; a new RETURNING keyword to allow UPDATE and DELETE commands to return modified records; include() and exclude() to respectively include or exclude fields of documents; and support for LET in the UPDATE and DELETE commands. Graph API: support for an ordered edge list; new detach() and attach() methods to work with Graph elements offline; and new OrientGraphFactory to manage pooled instances. HTTP: support for headers and partial updates. Database deployment is now chunked.

        •  16 Jan 2014 01:16

          Release Notes: This release integrates the Blueprints API in the “graphdb” module and adds bugfixes.

          •  28 Dec 2013 12:17

          Release Notes: 22 issues were fixed.

          •  10 Dec 2013 02:45

          Release Notes: This release adds a COLLATE keyword for case-insensitive comparison and fixes 22 issues.


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