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Orchestra is a complete solution to handle long-running, service oriented processes. It provides out of the box orchestration functionality to handle complex business processes. Its objectives are improvement and control of processes, services interaction, and improving the productivity and agility of the company. It provides a powerful engine to execute processes and a set of graphical tools to design, deploy, administrate, and monitor them. It is based on leading standards of the BPM market: BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) for Process design and WS-BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) for Process execution.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Jan 2012 14:38

    Release Notes: This release delivers the first version of the new Web BPMN designer. It is now possible to design, change, and deploy processes directly from a Web browser using the popular BPMN 2.0 notation. The engine is still 100% standards compliant with the support of WS-BPEL2.0. This version adds the introduction of Human Task features following the BPEL4People and WS-HumanTask standards. Finally, the Orchestra Console gives more possibilities to monitor and administrate your processes such as: BPMN and BPEL graphical monitoring, a Reporting module, Simulation possibilities, etc.

    •  23 Jun 2011 14:07

      Release Notes: This version ships a technology preview of the Web 2.0 BPMN process designer. The current version is already fully functional. The Web console now has a BPMN process view of the processes deployed using the designer, a BPEL process view and graphical monitoring, pagination of the lists proposed by the console, a new tab to manage pending messages and allow you to delete them, and a new tab to manage dead jobs and give the possibility to retry or delete them. Bug fixes and performance improvements on the engine have also been added.

      •  07 Apr 2011 14:39

        Release Notes: Important performance improvements and bug corrections were made, especially on the clustering and versioning combined functionalities.

        •  01 Dec 2010 13:26

          Release Notes: This version brings the possibility to manage process versioning.

          •  13 Aug 2010 09:19

            Release Notes: The main new functionnality of this version is the brand new Web Console. The console is by default available in the tomcat packages but it is also possible to download it standalone and connect it to an existing Orchestra engine. In addition to this console, some performance improvements has been added to the engine to support a high workload environment.


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