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06 May 2006 10:17 mcoon

Good Product, could be better
Decent sopport of the standard, Ok manuals, good community support. Could be better. The main nit I have with large open source products like these is that they tend to do fairly well on the technology, but not so well on documentation. That being said, its not that bad.

The other nit is that this object oriented development system (the IDL is OO) nominally generates plain old C code. Sure it supports C++ and others, but only with a wrapper.

So here's a question for the community. When you are developing a code generator for an IDL specifically designed with OO in mind, what language is your first choice? Err... sorry, not that one. <sigh>.

Some time ago I switched my development from using Orbit to using ACE TAO. What a CORBA environment should be. Only one problem, while it is indeed a better product with an OSI approved liscense, it is in reality an open source initiative looking to generate $$ from its users (seems the only way to get decent docs, or in fact any docs, is to pay ~$400 USD). So, back to the only game in town... Orbit.


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