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OProfile is a low-overhead, transparent profiler for Linux. It is capable of instruction-grain profiling of all processes, shared libraries, the kernel, and device drivers, via the hardware performance counters.


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  •  29 Jul 2013 22:55

    Release Notes: This release has a new 'ocount' program for collecting raw event counts on a per-application, per-process, per-CPU, or system-wide basis. New processor support: Intel Haswell, IBM zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12), AMD Generic Performance Events, IBM Power ISA 2.07 Architected Events, and IBM POWER8.

    •  27 Aug 2012 23:32

      Release Notes: A new "operf" program is now available which allows non-root users to profile single processes. "operf" can also be used for system-wide profiling, but root authority is required. This capability requires a kernel version of 2.6.31 or greater. This release supports the processors Tilera tile64, Tilera tilepro, Tilera tile-gx, IBM System z10, IBM System z196, Intel Ivy Bridge, ARMv7 Cortex-A5, ARMv7 Cortex-A15, and ARMv7 Cortex-A7.

      •  27 Aug 2012 23:31

        Release Notes: This release supports the processors MIPS Loongson2, Intel Nehalem, ARM Cortex-A9, MIPS 74K, MIPS 1004K, AMD family12h, AMD family14h, AMD family15h, Intel Westmere, ARMv7 Scorpion, ARMv7 ScorpionMP, and Intel Sandy Bridge, allows additional flags in unitmasks, and enables Qt4 GUI support.

        •  24 Nov 2009 18:33

        Release Notes: This is strictly a bugfix release. Its main purpose is to fix three regression bugs that occurred in 0.9.5: bug #2845063 (opcontrol could not start daemon in timer mode); improper handling of separate debuginfo files; and XML callgraph output had no symbol-level sample counts. Several other minor bugfixes and updates were made.

        Release Notes: This release includes support for several new processor models: ARMv7, AMD family11h, IBM POWER7, Intel Atom, Intel Core i7, and Xeon 55xx (based on Nehalem core). Many other features and bugfixes are included as well. This release also includes a framework for extending the sample data files. Support for AMD Instruction Based Sampling (IBS) has been added, using the new extended feature framework. Additionally, this release supports architected events for for Intel ("arch perfmon") and IBM POWER ("compatibility events").

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        09 May 2002 10:00 walles Thumbs up

        OProfile rules
        After a brief test run, I'm very impressed. It built and installed easily, there was a great example on the man page, and the results (from my mostly idle system :-) were very detailed.

        Compared to gprof (which I believe comes with gcc), this program plays in another league. Stuff like knowing which kernel functions have taken most time during your program's run, and getting to know how large part of the time your X app spends in the X libraries is invaluable.

        Great work guys, keep it up!


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