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OpenLink Virtuoso is a scalable, high-performance SQL-200n compliant object-relational database engine. It provide sophisticated database management for SQL, XML, and RDF. All interaction with Virtuoso occurs via its support of industry standard query languages, protocols, APIs, and data formats such as: ODBC, JDBC, OLE-DB, ADO.NET, XMLA, SQL, SPARQL, XQuery, SOAP, HTTP, WebDAV, SyncML, Atom (Publishing and Syndication), RSS, RDF, and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Dec 2013 11:46

    Release Notes: Various fixes and improvements across the Database Engine, SPARQL features, Client RPC, Jena & Sesame, Conductor (especially WebDAV areas), and Faceted Browser.

    •  06 Aug 2013 13:52

      Release Notes: This is a stable release of the new Virtuoso engine, including column-wise data storage and compression, finer-grained multithreading, and vectorized query execution and SPARQL-GEO functionality. Additional features include much-increased performance and scalability, an upgraded Conductor, Facet Browser, and ODS suite, a JDBC 4.1 driver, a new DAV API and DETs, and an "assume" query-optimizer hint. Virtuoso's RDF engine gains support for BIND, VALUES clauses, an Update protocol and functions and aggregates, and updated connectors for Jena and Sesame. Various minor bug and SQL fixes have been applied.

      •  02 Aug 2012 13:50

        Release Notes: This release includes support for SPARQL 1.1 Bindings clauses, Filter Not Exist, and Service Description; soundex and difference; WebID protected endpoints; a new RDB2RDF VAD package; and sponger support for Wolfram|Alpha, FTP URLs, and output as tab-separated values (TSV). ODS includes new API documentation, advanced ACLs for SPARQL and services auth; support for, Google Drive, and Skydrive; and CalDAV import. Fixes include ETag calculation, ODBC connection handle error handling, and date-time conversion; RDF/XML IRI escaping; microdata namespace issues; and miscellaneous building and portability issues.

        •  16 Mar 2012 11:58

          Release Notes: This release includes improved support for SPARQL 1.1; improved resultset handling of DESCRIBE/CONSTRUCT for ODBC/JDBC; a VAD package for DBpedia; co-reference resolution in the Sponger and new Cartridges for LinkedIn, AngelList, Klout, New York Times articles, and StackOverflow; support for WebID 1.0, CalDAV, and CardDAV in ODS applications; and minor build fixes.

          •  31 Oct 2011 22:24

            Release Notes: This release includes Database Engine and SPARQL optimizations and enhancements, HTTP enhancements like SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store and SPARQL CRUD, new Sponger cartridges for Eventbrite, Eventful, Foursquare, Google+, Google Place, Google Product, Google Profile, Gowalla, Guardian, Hyperpublic, Jigsaw, LinkedIn, Plancast, ProgrammableWeb, Seatgeek, Seevl, SimpleGeo, Upcoming, XRD, Zappos, and Zoopla, and fixes to existing cartridges. Fixes include deadlock handling, memory handling and leaks, and SPARQL and SPARUL fixes. Jena and Sesame2 drivers were updated.


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