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  •  13 Dec 2010 09:23

    Release Notes: The SQLite database backend for PIM applications is now enabled and used by default. The PIM synchronization protocol was extended to support database backend and transmission of only the changes since the last sync. The core was rewritten for voice/sound recording and playback. Improvements were made to security settings. Improvements were made to alarm functionality. iPAQ rx1950 is supported. Many, many bugfixes and other minor improvements were made.

    •  02 Oct 2008 07:58

    Release Notes: This release has support for exceptions in repeating events in Datebook; a new storage management applet (cardapplet) with improved safe removal and support for SD cards and other removable storage devices; basic support for configuring WPA/WPA2 encryption in Network Settings; a more flexible display of owner information from the business card during authentication; usability improvements in File manager (AdvancedFM), Bluetooth Manager, Voice memo recorder (VMemo), and Text editor; and many bugfixes and other minor improvements.

    •  06 Aug 2003 03:32

    No changes have been submitted for this release.


    Project Spotlight


    A vector graphics language for technical drawing and LaTeX.


    Project Spotlight


    A command line weather information tool.