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  •  05 Jul 2013 22:44

Release Notes: This release replaces the code certificate used for signing the binary updates as well as updates to browser.js. This is a safety measure due to a recent attack on Opera Software's internal infrastructure.

Release Notes: The search bar's default engine can no longer be overridden by third-party apps. Minor security fixes were made for an RC4 encryption protocol weakness, for cookies incorrectly set for a top-level domain, and for and undisclosed moderately severe vulnerability.

Release Notes: Several security issues were resolved: DOM events manipulation could be used to execute arbitrary code; SVG clipPaths could allow execution of arbitrary code; CORS requests could omit the preflight request; and an undisclosed issue. Internal communication errors on Facebook were resolved. An issues on start-up without an Internet connection was fixed. An issue with image loading on back navigation was fixed.

Release Notes: A security issue was fixed where malformed GIF images could allow execution of arbitrary code. A security issue was fixed where repeated attempts to access a target site could trigger address field spoofing. An issue was fixed where private data could be disclosed to and modified by other computer users. Several general fixes and stability improvements were made. Usability of "Delete Private Data" was improved.

Release Notes: A security issue which made an HTTP response heap buffer overflow allow execution of arbitrary code has been fixed. An issue which allowed error pages to be used to guess local file paths has been fixed. A crash on Mac OS X when updating the state of some extensions’ toolbar icons has been fixed. SPDY support has been improved. Issues with Gmail not loading have been resolved. Several further fixes and stability improvements have been made.

Release Notes: A security issue which allowed truncated dialogs to be used to trick users has been fixed. Several general fixes and stability improvements have been made. An issue with Speed Dial thumbnails when automatic scaling is enabled has been resolved.

Release Notes: This release fixes security issues (including ones which could allow arbitrary code execution or facilitate XSS attacks), fixes several minor bugs, and adds various stability and performance enhancements.

Release Notes: Plugins are now executed as separate processes, for increased stability and security. Skins have been replaced by a new theme system. The address field has been improved with better drop-down suggestions, shortened URLs, and an improved search result display. Full hardware acceleration has been introduced. Right-to-Left (RTL) script support has been added. "Do not track" and HTML drag-n-drop are now supported. Web specifications support has been improved. Various other improvements, enhancements, and bugfixes have been made. Opera Unite, Opera Widgets, and Opera Voice are being phased out and discontinued.

Release Notes: This release fixes a security issue which caused certain URL constructs to allow arbitrary code execution, fixes issues with some secure pages not loading, and adds several further bugfixes and stability improvements.

Release Notes: Various minor bugs were fixed. Several minor security issues, involving spoofing or data leaking, were resolved.


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