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  •  29 Oct 2007 06:57

Release Notes: New stereotypes TELEPHONE, EMAIL, and WEBURL were added. Optimistic concurrency support using version property was added. In the page for customizing columns of lists (and collections), the label of each property to add is shown. The user can hide or show the filter part in lists and collections. Buttons are used instead of links for when no image actions are possible.

  •  04 Sep 2007 06:48

Release Notes: A default module is assumed for each component of the application without declaring it in application.xml. A new element, default-module, was added in application.xml for defining the controllers for default modules. A static final field for each property is generated for interfaces on code generation. Qualified properties (properties of references) in order of collections is supported. A row-style is available for collection-view. Many fixes were made.

  •  08 Aug 2007 10:09

Release Notes: The button bar is not shown if it is empty. More meaningful titles for PDF reports are displayed in collections. A new property, emailAsUserNameInPortal, was added for usin in that allows Users.getCurrent() to return the user email instead of the user id inside a portal. A new display-size attribute is available in property-view, and scale validation is done for MONEY/DINERO stereotype. Mode.list link is not available when creating or modifing a reference. In general, change mode actions are not available after view navigation, and many other features have been added.

  •  02 Jul 2007 03:48

Release Notes: Collection behavior was greatly improved. Look and feel integration for Liferay and WebSphere Portal 6 was improved. Transient components and default mapping for persistent components were added. More than 80 features and fixes were made since version 2.1.

  •  18 Jun 2007 07:36

Release Notes: The look and feel of lists and collections was refined for WebSphere Portal and Liferay in order to see clearly the seperation within cells. The WebSphere Portal 6 style was improved, so sections and frames have native aspect. Support for the Bulgarian language was added in portlet generation. Filtering by year and month in list mode works fine in all databases (including Postgres and Informix). The new stereotype IMAGE_LABEL/ETIQUETA_IMAGEN was added. Many bugs were fixed.

  •  29 May 2007 11:03

Release Notes: It's possible to order, filter, paging, customize, etc in collections (collections have the same behaviour as list mode). Export to Excel and PDF report generation are available in collections. Updated versions of Hibernate, Hibernate annotations, and the Hibernate persistence manager. More than 25 new features and fixes over 2.1.3.

  •  02 May 2007 05:15

Release Notes: If mapping is not specified in a component definition, then a default one is assumed. Support was added for transient components, using the transient instead of mappings to define the component. The radionButton.jsp editor was added to display or edit valid-values in radio button format. Property-view has an attribute editor to specify an editor for a property for use only in that view. The CSS was modified in order to make disabled editors more visible. Several bugs were fixed.

  •  12 Apr 2007 09:45

Release Notes: Allows you to create multi-schema applications. Support for Stringbeans portat. A new attribute 'on-each-request' is available for the action element in controllers.xml. The keystrokes for record navigation have been changed. The Hibernate version has been updated. Schema support for databases has been added, but schema may not be used in data manipulation. Now it's possible to customize the valid-values/enum editor. There are some bugfixes.

  •  02 Mar 2007 10:47

Release Notes: The OpenXava number version is logged. Composite keys with an int or long and NUMERIC in the database failed searching in detail mode; this has been fixed. The methods setYear, setMonth, and setDay have been added to Dates class. Stereotype IMAGES_GALLERY is shown nicely in Liferay Portal. The Ant target 'compile' in OpenXava/build.xml has been refined. Focus is no longer lost inside Liferay when a request is done. Browser caching of PDF OpenXava generated documents is avoided. Using key properties of the parent model in a 'from' attribute from an aggregate works.

  •  13 Feb 2007 03:03

Release Notes: EJB3 JPA is now supported as a persistence engine. A Liferay portal is now bundled.


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