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28 May 2003 00:02 lacertus

Top Par Project This Is
Among many other job capacities, I proudly call myself a Linux administrator. One of the most important comapnies for whom I work is an advertising firm; the employees are intelligent and well-intentioned but terribly computer illiterate :-) Common story I'd imagine.

I have used OpenWebMail with extraordinary success within this organization (employing ~60 people). The interface is extremely intuitive. For power users, the options to customize, filter, etc are there aplenty. This, taken with the numerous plugins, easy upgrading, and fact that it's written in Perl :-) make this project a win-win.

I highly recommend it. On my "tester" box I've used just about every webmail solution, including the venerable SquirrelMail. Without a shade of doubt, OpenWebMail takes First Prize.

28 Apr 2003 03:07 srua

Re: My experience with Openwebmail and Debian Woody

> Shame, there is no DEB package yet but
> installing the TGZ is very simple

You can find the woody packages at

deb ./


26 Apr 2003 09:12 griff4345

550 error Making Me Nuts!
Newbie here! Been using OWM for a while. I suddenly find when I 'adduser', I ALWAYS get an email address for that user =

I can't get rid of the 'www.' to make it more legal.

Can you help?..........version 1.64


17 Apr 2003 11:14 zells

Can't open Default style
Hi, after following the exact instructions on how to install openwebmail 2.00, I get the error Couldn't open /home/www/cgi-bin/openwebmail/etc/styles/Default! (the path to the file is correct)

Only 2 changes were made:
1) webroot in openwebmail.conf
2) session path in openwebmail.conf.default to /tmp

The permissions are correct on all the files (as to the readme.txt).

This happens after the user logs in.
Any ideas? my email is


05 Apr 2003 01:17 prshetty

Open Webmail + Ldap Adress Book

I think its missing or i have not gone through this feture and the feature i request for is how do

I import Adresses from Global Adress book in a LDAP
database with openwebmail or importing adress book
from ldap . I think this feature is missing

Prakash Shetty

04 Apr 2003 11:07 pixory

easy to install, easy to use
I tried to install squirrel mail, but gave up after several hours of trying to figure out why the php4 rpm just wouldn't fly on my Red Hat 7.3.

Then I installed OWM on my home server, which was quite a simple process. Now life is good again.

highly recommended.

26 Mar 2003 18:48 anascod

Well Done
We recently installed this on a linux server running sendmail. We are hoping to eventually phase out our staff using any email client application, and have them all read and send email using the Open Webmail interface. You guys have done an excellent job. We have officially had it up and running for 24 hours. So far things have been better then expected. I will keep you posted. Again, very well done.

David Anasco
Director of Information Technology
Howard County Library

18 Mar 2003 21:13 blouderback

Holy crap, I can't believe this thing is FREE
Wow. Openwebmail is a kick-ass product. It's way better than the standard webmail that came with my Cobalt Qube. Installation was a little squirrelly, but the forums here and at SourceForge were great at helping out. Thanks for a great product!

-Bob Louderback
Katharine Gibbs School

14 Mar 2003 08:53 Silverious67

Best Webmail Program I have ever used!
I have been using openwebmail for over a year now. I love it! I just want to show my appreciation for all the GREAT work that has been put into this program. I use Clam Antivirus, Amavis, Sendmail, Open Antivirus, and Openwebmail together. I am planning to add Spam Assassin to the my configuration shortly.
I have used other webmail clients and none of them have been able to compete with openwebmails ease of use or its rapid updates.

THANK YOU Openwebmail!

03 Mar 2003 07:14 damodhar007

Re: Use OpenWebMail

> Excellent webmail solution. All we need
> now is an easy installation and
> configuration interface.
> I'll get right on it...


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