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  •  22 Dec 2009 11:50

Release Notes: This release introduces new features and a new architecture, which forms the basis for turning the vulnerability scanner into a vulnerability management solution. IPv6 support has been added. WMI clients are supported. Size limits of NVT Meta Information have been removed. Support for a number of upcoming optional extensions has been added. The OpenVAS Manager stores and organizes scans on a server in a SQL database. The OpenVAS Administrator helps with user, feed, and settings management. The Greenbone Security Assistent (GSA) allows Vulnerability Management with a Web-based interface.

  •  07 Dec 2009 15:52

    Release Notes: A new architecture was introduced, where openvas-libraries now includes openvas-libnasl and redundant code from openvas-client. openvas-server was renamed to openvas-scanner and includes any platform-dependent elements of openvas-plugins. For running the scanner, only 2 modules are now required (instead of 4 as for OpenVAS 2.0). New features of OpenVAS include support for IPv6 and WMI-Clients. The new OpenVAS Manager and OpenVAS Administrator are optional extensions. This combination leverages the vulnerability scanner to a comprehensive vulnerability management solution.

    •  25 Aug 2009 21:06

      Release Notes: The code audit has continued and a number of obsolete, unused, and/or unnecessary functions were identified and removed. Significant work has been done on filtering output to allow removal of false positives, etc. Translations have been updated. The Credentials Manager for Local Security Checks has been improved, and is now able to create packages that add users to the remote system (currently the following platforms are supported: RPM-based distributions, Debian-based distributions, and Microsoft Windows).

      •  05 Apr 2009 11:53

      Release Notes: A Severity Override Manager has been added, including right-mouse-button actions in the report to override specific severity easily. A new "Extras" menu has been added and collects all "managers": the LSC Credentials Manager, the Severity Override Manager, and the SLAD Install Manager. A bug which caused the client to complain about missing files when starting a scan on a fresh installation has been fixed. A bug which caused OpenVAS-Client not to be placed in the correct menu on certain distributions has been fixed (which is relevant for packagers).

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