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  •  20 Nov 2010 22:38

    Release Notes: An assortment of bugs were fixed and translations were updated. This release also fixes CVE-2010-4168.

    •  14 Sep 2010 23:06

      Release Notes: This release fixes a number of regressions introduced in 1.0.3, some possible desyncs, and many other small issues. There are translation updates, including the addition of a Belarusian translation.

      •  01 Aug 2010 08:36

        Release Notes: Several desync fixes, stability improvements, and a vulnerability fix were done.

        •  01 May 2010 09:00

          Release Notes: A number of bugs were fixed, including some serious security vulnerabilities that could spoil online playing. Server owners are urged to update as soon as possible.

          •  01 Apr 2010 00:47

            Release Notes: Support for third party music and sound sets, removing the dependency on Transport Tycoon Deluxe's data files. Full IPv6 support. A rewrite of the window system, adding support for right-to-left languages, bigger font sizes, and making the windows scale to the translation.

            •  28 Feb 2010 22:08

              Release Notes: This release fixes the NewGRF cargo payment that was broken in 0.7.4, as well as a major bug that could crash servers remotely (CVE-2009-4007).


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