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Release Notes: This release adds support for OpenGL 4.4 and OpenGL ES 3.0, improves OpenGL performance, and reduces memory consumption. It also includes a brand new SDL2 backend, support for joystick and gamepad devices, and a huge amount of stability fixes. Users of OpenTK 1.0 and 1.1 beta are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Release Notes: This release introduces an NSIS-based installer for Windows, an improved build system, and various documentation and stability fixes. Users of previous versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Release Notes: This is the fourth work-in-progress snapshot of the 0.9.9 series that will lead to the first stable release. It resolves a large number of issues in the OpenGL, OpenGL|ES, OpenCL, and OpenAL bindings, and the NativeWindow and the GLControl classes. The math library was improved. Users of previous OpenTK versions are encouraged to upgrade.

Release Notes: This version introduces support for all OpenGL|ES extensions and improves the OpenCL bindings and the ARB_imaging subset of OpenGL. It also improves behavior on broken xlib implementations, adds new functionality to the math library, and adds support for running projects written against the older Tao framework.

  •  31 May 2009 21:35

Release Notes: This release introduces full OpenGL 3.1 support, massively improves text rendering performance, and enhances stability and resolves a number of long-standing issues. It also includes a new sample browser with integrated source code and documentation displays.


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iODBC Driver Manager and SDK

A new ODBC 3.5 driver manager/SDK for Linux/UNIX.


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A Scala-based build system.