Version 0.9.7 of The Open Toolkit library

Release Notes: This release introduces support for OpenGL 3.1, improves type safety for 3.0 and adds stack traces to OpenGL error checking.

Other releases

Release Notes: This release adds support for OpenGL 4.4 and OpenGL ES 3.0, improves OpenGL performance, and reduces memory consumption. It also includes a brand new SDL2 backend, support for joystick and gamepad devices, and a huge amount of stability fixes. Users of OpenTK 1.0 and 1.1 beta are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Release Notes: This release introduces an NSIS-based installer for Windows, an improved build system, and various documentation and stability fixes. Users of previous versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

  •  09 Mar 2010 16:48

Release Notes: This release fixes a large number of issues identified in beta-2. Notable improvements include increased GameWindow stability on all platforms, increased stability in multithreaded scenarios, a new multithreading sample, new convenience OpenGL functions, mouse/keyboard input fixes, and improved inline and hardcopy documentation (intellisense and PDF, respectively). No breaking changes were introduced in this release. Users of previous versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

  •  17 Nov 2009 22:05

Release Notes: This release resolves all issues identified in beta-1. In particular, it improves stability and performance on Mac OS X, resolves multi-threading issues on Linux, and fixes exceptions on *BSD, Solaris, and Windows platforms. Additionally, it fixes a number of minor issues in the OpenGL bindings and the math toolkit, and optimizes vector-quaternion transformations.

  •  10 Nov 2009 11:14

Release Notes: This release includes significant bugfixes and stability fixes, many new OpenGL examples for shaders, vertex buffer objects, and picking, type-safe OpenGL ES 2.0 bindings, and improved multithreading and multi-monitor support. Due to the number and significance of stability fixes, users of previous versions are strongly recommended to upgrade.


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