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Release Notes: This release provides comprehensive kernel and system updates and support for the latest hardware. It now allows you to connect with low-infrastructure branch offices. In addition to regular network boot, it offers a local boot option with central configuration and update options, resulting in a server-independent start-up. Smart card support via RDP and ICA is integrated. The manager is now multi-client enabled. Innumerable clients of the same type can start operating after a one-time configuration process. The manager allows you to seamlessly import, export, and duplicate all configuration data and objects.

  •  30 Apr 2010 15:19

Release Notes: This is the first openthinclient virtual appliance, a ready-to-go openthinclient server environment, including all the latest and greatest the authors' thin client software suite has to offer. It is designed to run on several virtualization platforms like VirtualBox or VMware vSphere/ESX/Server/Workstation.

  •  26 Oct 2009 21:33

Release Notes: This version includes Citrix Receiver 11 supporting XenApp and XenDesktop, VMware View Open Client 4, and the original IBM iSeries Access 5250 Emulator. Support has been added for external OpenLDAP users and user groups, booting from local media, and touchscreen devices. With this release, SMB shares can be accessed via Nautilus, and monitor power management and desktop background images are configurable. Several bugs were fixed and some speedups were made.

  •  02 Mar 2009 19:36

Release Notes: Openoffice 3 is now officially available as an application package, and CUPS supports serial printers. Furthermore, this release fixes some serious bugs and will work with Sun Java 6 Update 12.

  •  23 Dec 2008 09:14

Release Notes: This release introduces a graphical installer and enables a service installation on Windows and Linux. The Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail and news client is now available as an application package. Hardware detection and auto-configuration of graphics cards have been improved and proprietary NVIDIA and ATI drivers have been added. The new printer package enables raw printing and AS/400 printing protocols (IBMPJLDRV, HPPJLDRV, and NETSTNDRV).

  •  28 Jul 2008 16:30

Release Notes: This release introduces the integration of Active Directory users and user groups with Single Sign-On for ICA and RDP sessions. An extensive window manager configuration offers flexible desktop configuration with support for a thin client Kiosk Mode. Comprehensive printer support via CUPS has been added and XDMCP sessions are now possible using the xnest application package.

  •  23 Apr 2008 12:42

Release Notes: This version adds an auto-start capability to all applications. The openthinclient LDAP server has been switched port from 389 to 10389 to make installations on domain controllers possible. Boot problems with some hardware, PXE ROMs, and DHCP servers have been solved. Several server, manager, and OS bugs have been fixed.

  •  12 Mar 2008 03:12

Release Notes: Port 9100 raw printing is now fully supported. Two bugs have been resolved: "PXE-E53 - No boot filename received" and "Double execution in cmdline package".

  •  29 Feb 2008 08:19

Release Notes: This release adds a Citrix Presentation Server Client (ICA-Client), Print Server Emulation (JetDirect), a PDF viewer, the VLC media player, and an auto-login feature (kiosk mode). A serious JBoss bug has been fixed. It was probably a showstopper on Linux/Unix/POSIX systems.

  •  27 Feb 2008 05:06

Release Notes: This version is mainly a bugfix release and comes with some major improvements. The most important bugfix corrects DHCP-proxy conversation failures on Windows 2003 server. Some noteworthy improvements are an offline-mode (which can be used to install and use the software without a working Internet connection) and support for USB storage devices.


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