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OpenSVC is a 'service' manager, as in clustered service manager. Services are described as collections of resources (IP, disk groups, filesystems, file synchronizations, and application launchers). Services can be started, stopped and queried for status, providing a consistent command set for wildly different service integrations. Services can be administered using a stand-alone free software stack deployed on the nodes (nodeware). Service configurations, status, and logs are pushed to a central database coupled to a Web front-end (collector).

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Drbd data replication driver merged 07 Jun 2010 07:13

Starting with release 1.0-100607.0844 opensvc is able to drive primary/secondary role selection and connection establishment upon service startup or shutdown. This new data replication mode adds up to the already supported Netapp snapmirror, EMC clones, snap+rsync, zfs send/recv and LVM2 delta replication modes. More details at

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28 Jan 2010 17:16 libralinux

Nice project to make all your linux applications highly available. Tested in different web environment . works great !

25 Jan 2010 17:57 rhcp

very usefull toolkit for day to day unix sysadmins tasks !!! it rocks.


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A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


Project Spotlight

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