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OpenStar is a value-added PostNuke distribution. The aim is to deliver a more complete eBusiness/CMS solution while still remaining compatible with the proven core PostNuke distribution. OpenStar contains significant functional extensions and a powerful object-oriented development library, resulting in a significantly more complete CMS.

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  •  24 Feb 2006 01:11

Release Notes: This release contains almost 100 fixes and improvements, including the PN 0.762 security patch. If you are using a previous version of OpenStar, you are advised to upgrade to this release. The docs directory contains a list of changed files in case you wish to selectively upgrade your installation. If you've downloaded any 4.02 packages before 24-Feb-2006, you should download them again, as significant fixes have been applied.

  •  02 Jan 2006 06:06

Release Notes: This release fixes a lot of bugs and delivers a few module upgrades. Most notable are some performance improvements and a working pnTitle implementation.

  •  02 Nov 2005 07:10

Release Notes: This version contains more than 20 fixes and improvements as compared to 4.0 RC3. It should be fairly smooth and stable. This version also contains a script which allows you to run OpenStar on a system which only grants 8MB of memory to PHP scripts. While this version is probably still not perfect, it is solid and has been tested on a number of production sites. As such, upgrading is recommend.

  •  20 Sep 2005 23:27

Release Notes: This release is based on PostNuke 0.760. It has not been fully tested and should not be used on production sites.

  •  17 Aug 2005 06:28

Release Notes: This version fixes the major issues reported against the 3.0RC4 release. It contains fixes, a few module upgrades, and a better populated demo database.


Project Spotlight


An R-Type-based game.


Project Spotlight


A network monitoring and management system.