Comments for OpenSSH SRP patch

12 Jul 2001 14:49 darkonc

Re: SRP patent

> I suppose that may
> change whenever they like. SRP is
> nice, and I really hope this


If their current license provide a perprtual irrevocable license for certain uses, then
it would be hard for them to 'break' existing software in the future. This does not,
however, prevent them from shifting licensing for the other 'more commercial' uses of
the protocol.

I guess we'll just have to wait, and see their license.

25 Jun 2001 20:53 professortom

Re: SRP patent
This patent is one of the "good" kinds. That is,
it is a defensive patent with a royalty free
license designed so that nobody else can patent it
and the algorithm will always be free
for anyone to use. Note that the patent only
provides this protection for RFC2945
implementations, such as this patch. Tom Wu has
made it explicitly clear on various public mailing
lists that SRP (that is, RFC2945), is intended to
be free and clear forever, and the patent
reference given in the original comment makes that

08 Jun 2001 07:42 rainer

SRP patent
SRP is patent pending (or already patented), see the respective
reference ( from Stanford University.
And while they give
a royalty-free license for some uses, I suppose that may
change whenever they like. SRP is nice, and I really hope this
will not end like the Unisys/GIF debacle ...

17 May 2001 01:48 professortom

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