Version 3.6.1p1 of Portable OpenSSH


Release Notes:

Other releases

  •  31 Jan 2014 13:57

    Release Notes: This is a feature-focused release. New features include new ciphers and key types, a new private key format, and rejection of connection requests from old insecure clients. There are also a number of bug fixes.

    Release Notes: This release added experimental sandboxing of network-facing code during the pre-authentication phase and SHA2-based HMAC modes for the SSH transport. sshd now sends logs from the privilege-separated process via a pipe, eliminating the need for /var/empty/dev/log. There were many more bugfixes and changes.

    •  24 Jan 2011 03:43

      Release Notes: ECC support for kex exchange and public key authentication, SFTP hard link support, improved QoS/DSCP support, bandwidth limiting for SFTP, and more.

      •  08 Mar 2010 12:30

      Release Notes: This is a major feature and bugfix release. Major changes include disabling SSH protocol 1 by default, removal of legacy OpenSC/libsectok smartcard support, addition of PKCS#11 support, introduction of a new certificate authentication method for users and hosts, revised session multiplexing code, many improvements to sftp from the Google Summer of Code 2009, and lots of bugfixes.

      Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed. Performance and features were improved.


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