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Open (Source|System) Monitoring and Reporting Tool

OpenSMART is a monitoring (and reporting) environment for servers and applications in a network. Its main features are a nice Web front end, monitored servers requiring only a Perl installation, XML configuration, and good documentation. It is easy to write more checks. Supported platforms are Linux, HP/UX, Solaris, AIX, *BSD, and Windows (only as a client).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Sep 2011 06:21

    Release Notes: Filter states are now displayed in an image map. RSS feeds were created for filters. Operating system data such as CPU load, IO waits, paging statistics, memory statistics, network statistics, and LPAR usage (AIX) can be collected and reported with osreporter. It is also possible to check and report curdepth on MQS queues, usage of LVM volume groups, backup usage of netbackup environments, response time for Web applications, and Oracle buffercache hit ratio. Many report templates are included. Many more checks were added and many bugs were fixed.

    •  18 Mar 2008 15:03

      Release Notes: New checks include mqconnect, which tests if a connection to a WebSphere MQ QueueManager is possible; mysqlconnect, which tests if a connection to a MySQL database is possible; readfile, which tests if a file in a (potentially network-based) filesystem is readable; and db2lck, which tests if there are critical lock situations on your DB2 database. Many bugs were fixed. A username and password can be specified. Recursive include functionality was added for osagent.conf.xml. Major performance improvements were made.

      •  03 Sep 2006 23:27

        Release Notes: Some new checks. Filtering in the GUI (some sort of grouping your hosts together). Reporting is now functional.

        •  02 Jan 2006 22:18

          Release Notes: There are many new checks for operating system (like swap-space-check or ntp-check) and for Oracle databases (invalid objects, Working Listener, and autoextend tablespaces). The frontend is much faster (with mod_perl on Apache).

          •  20 Jul 2005 20:25

            Release Notes: Automatic client software refresh if desired. Full Oracle backend support. A better/faster GUI. New checks: errpt (on AIX), MQSeries checks, eventlog (on Windows), AIX LVM checks, and Linux HP hardware Raid checks.


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