Comments for OpenShot Video Editor

02 May 2009 15:26 karlinux

I hope this project came a good port

01 May 2009 21:53 geddy2112

Been waiting for someone to do this right. Looks awesome.

24 Apr 2009 07:08 JonOomph

Project Update - Have you ever been able to to easily overlay, mix, edit, and composite videos in Linux? Me neither, but that's about to change! We have just added the ability to composite any number of clips & tracks together. Please read our blog for screenshots and more information!

20 Apr 2009 04:22 JonOomph

Project Update - The development version of OpenShot has successfully integrated the MLT framework. With a few clicks, you can now create a multi-track video, arrange the clips, and watch your creation. If you want more detail on what we've recently accomplished, please read the full revision history -

If you are a Python developer and are interested in contributing to our project, please join the "OpenShot Developers" team on LaunchPad -

08 Apr 2009 20:04 franciscon



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Project Spotlight


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