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Release Notes: This release has many new features and enhancements to existing functionality. The interfaces and the reference implementation were cleaned up a little bit. The new upstream version of Utgard was added.

Release Notes: Beside lots of minor changes, fixes, and improvements, the major enhancements in this release are a new communicator adapter based on the ICE framework, a generalized client interface which is independent of connector implementations, and an adapter which can connect to OPC DA servers.

Release Notes: An initial version of the alarms and events (AE) functionality was added. Together with that, two new perspectives were added to the RCP application. The Eclipse Welcome System is used for introducing the changes. A new realtime list view was added to the DA perspective. Numerous things in the background were improved.

Release Notes: Cancellation of long running operations is now supported. The ability to write attributes to data items was added. The SNMP server can be configured using an XML configuration file. Some minor issues have been solved.

Release Notes: This version is an initial release of "Project Atlantis", the Java based reference implementation. The release features a graphical test client, interface libraries (client and server) and three data servers (testing, system information, and SNMP).

  •  04 May 2005 14:29

Release Notes: The item browser interface was redesigned, several bugs were fixed, and many minor issues were cleaned up. Some launchers have been added to split up the big master application into some smaller ones. This is still a prototype release.

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Project Spotlight


A program for monitoring JavaEE applications.


Project Spotlight

OWASP Zed Attack Proxy

An easy-to-use integrated penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in Web applications.