Version 289 of OpenRedAlert

Other releases

  •  22 Sep 2008 15:48

Release Notes: Many bugs were corrected. A major refactoring of sources was done. Support for MSVC was started.

  •  19 Sep 2008 14:23

Release Notes: This release improve Fog of War MorphOS support, adds some refactoring (removing non-standard functions), improves the Sight algorithm, and fixes TeamType reading.

  •  03 Sep 2008 13:26

Release Notes: A lot of features were added. Bugs were fixed. More strings are located. Cheats are available to pass and test all campaign missions. Barrel explosion was implemented. The radar animation was fixed. A new map (unofficial) was added. The texts of missions are now located.

  •  17 Aug 2008 19:01

Release Notes: Localized strings in-game (depending on your .mix file). Support for all sort of maps (3/3). Bugs have been fixed.

  •  11 Jun 2008 17:19

No changes have been submitted for this release.


Project Spotlight


An NCurses-based Direct Connect client.


Project Spotlight

Amac Keylogger Standard

A key logger.