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openQRM Plug-ins

openQRM Plug-ins is a collection of add-ons for the openQRM Datacenter Management and Cloud Computing platform.

Operating Systems

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  •  08 Jan 2010 18:10

Release Notes: The package was re-structured and now contains a selection of additional modules instead of single packages for each plug-in.

  •  19 Jul 2009 13:31

    Release Notes: Using the new "zfs-storage" plugin, physical systems or virtual machines from different types are now rapidly deployed and run directly from a ZFS-storage server through the iSCSI protocol.

    Release Notes: The Nagios configuration for the openQRM network was simplified and automated via nmap2nagios-ng.

    Release Notes: This initial version features a basic integration of the Bacula services.

    Release Notes: The Suse- and Debian-based automatic installations were fixed.


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    Project Spotlight


    A program that generates Java GUIs from natural language.