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Release Notes: Text display quality was improved. PDF export now supports bookmarks. Integration with Windows Vista's GUI was improved. Various other bugfixes and new features were added.

Release Notes: This release enhances PDF exportation and supports exportation to LaTeX.

Release Notes: Performance was improved. For example, a 23% improvement was made in some Calc benchmarks. Email integration features were added. PDF export features were enhanced. Mac OS X system integration was improved and support of the MacOSX Intel architecture was added. A built-in check for updated versions was added.

Release Notes: New spellcheck dictionaries are now directly integrated into and are immediately available after installation. Import filters for Quattro Pro 6 and Microsoft Word 2 have been added. Other import filters have been improved, so that documents created by other applications can be edited in more seamlessly. Continuing with the the push to enhance's business functionality, it is now easier to use mail merge. Integration with the KDE address book is now possible.

Release Notes: Corel Quattro Pro 6.0 spreadsheet files can now be viewed in Calc (OOo). Files with the .wb2 extension can be opened in OOo Calc.

Release Notes: Updated or new Hungarian, Xhosa, Persian, Khmer, Catalan, Slovenian Russian, Turkish, British, Bulgarian, Czech, Macedonian, Greek, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Welsh, and Danish localizations are now available.

Release Notes: Tsonga in South Africa (ts_ZA) locale data is now available. Bambara, spoken in Mali, is available in the language list box for font attribution and spell-checking purposes (ba_ML). Breton (br_FR) locale data was implemented. Friulian, spoken in Italy and English (India) are now also available. Locale data based on en_GB was merged with the INR Rupee currency to support English language documents widely used in India. Venda in South Africa (ve_ZA) and Ndebele (nr_ZA) locale data was implemented.

Release Notes: This release introduces import support for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in OpenDocument format. The OpenDocument format is an XML-based international office document standard approved by OASIS, the Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards. The OpenDocument format enables the free exchange of data between compliant software packages.

Release Notes: Base is now an optional component during setup.

Release Notes: This release adds support for printer independent layout, GUI support for XSLT based filters, improvements to PDF export, enhanced OLE editing support on Windows, and a very large number of bugfixes.


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A CalDAV Web client.


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A tool that shows histograms of used byte-values in files.