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23 Jul 2005 23:15 danielpearson

Re: 1.1.118 or 1.9.118 ?

> In the title of the news : 1.1.118, it's correct ?
> I think this is 1.9.118 or 1.9.m118

Thanks for catching this mistake. It has been

22 Jul 2005 11:44 vnpenguin

1.1.118 or 1.9.118 ?
In the title of the news : 1.1.118, it's correct ?

I think this is 1.9.118 or 1.9.m118

02 Jan 2004 03:57 tooar

usability problems 2
there are some more problems:

* i cannot report bugs anonymously, i have to register on the openoffice homepage

* the print preview uses the color of gtk text boxes as background instead of white but most people will use white paper to print on.

16 Dec 2003 04:24 tooar

usability problems
i like openoffice very much but i do think there are still some problems.

1) on debian/linux with xinerama and anti-aliasing some labels are drawn on the wrong screen. this is the same bug that has been in gtk about a year ago.

2) there's no easy way to change the font/font-size openoffice uses for the menus. over here the default is much to big.

3) if a menu from the menubar is too big, it's drawn aside the menu (ie right of 'File' instead below it) and by this the access to other menu entries right of 'File' is blocked.

4) it seems openoffice doesn't care on which screen it opens menus and so it happens that half of the menu is on the 1st screen and the other half on the 2nd which is really disturbing.

5) some dialogs have a minimum size which is really a bad idea since you cannot know my resolution or font/font-size. so it happens that the options dialog is bigger than my screen and i cannot make it smaller (minimum width 1269 pixel).

31 Jul 2003 01:29 di11rod

Excellent project!
I hardly ever perform wordprocessing tasks, so I don't want to invest in the goliath MS office suite. I just used OpenOffice Writer 1.0 to create my resume and the application worked like a professional piece of software should. I am very impressed and am considering purchasing the StarOffice product. If you folks are ever in Austin, TX and are thirsty for a beer, I'll gladly buy you a case of cold Lonestar.



05 Apr 2003 22:13 brainless

Software Development Kit (SDK) for OOo is available !

The Software Development Kit (SDK) ( for OpenOffice Suite is available now !

Go to this place ( to get more information !

31 Mar 2003 00:50 brainless

Comments on 1.1 Beta, from

Read the comments on the new 1.1 Beta of OOo on here (

20 Feb 2003 17:22 joeljkp

Help Forum
If you need help setting up or using OpenOffice, try the Help Forum at: (

- joeljkp

06 Aug 2002 13:19 sandalle

Great work!
Keep up the great work developers! I use OpenOffice exclusively at home (both Linux and Windows (ick)) and no longer need to use a proprietary format. Perhaps add some LaTeX import/export features? :)

The only complaint I have is if you want to compile it yourself (i.e. for SourceMage (, it is a pain.


09 May 2002 12:30 ABRozz

Excellent Application
I have experimented with several different MS Office replacement options, but none that are as polished as this app. All of you can be proud of your work. I applaud your efforts!!


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