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Release Notes: Handling of network error conditions has been improved: some conditions that caused excessive CPU use on Linux or the server to shut down are now handled correctly. Logging has be made quieter and small adjustments will only be logged in debug mode. Query intervals are now randomized, servers with larger offsets or error conditions will be queried less frequently. Support for IRIX and QNX4 has been added.

Release Notes: Recent changes from OpenBSD were imported. The new "-s" option was added to step the clock on startup rather than slewing it. The stratum and refid are now set correctly in replies (the latter means ntptrace will now work). The program is more robust and less noisy in the case of some network error conditions. The IP ToS low-delay bit is set on IPv4 packets.

Release Notes: DNS lookups will be deferred if DNS is not available, which makes ntpd more useful on systems with non-permanent links.

Release Notes: This is the first portable release of OpenNTPd, adapted from OpenBSD.


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