Version 0.8.0 of OpenNMS

Release Notes: This release includes pollers for DNS, DHCP, IMAP, POP3, and TCP-based pollers for MySQL, Informix, Sybase, and MS SQL Server (in addition to the existing suite of pollers). An enhanced Web UI, deprecation of the Swing UI, tuning optimizations, notifications bugfixes, and some configuration tweaks are included. This release is feature-complete for the upcoming 1.0 release.

Other releases

  •  21 Feb 2014 03:52

Release Notes: This release fixes a number of bugs, including a collection error when using storeByForeignSource.

  •  13 Feb 2014 21:08

    Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release, containing fixes for fonts in graphing when using JRobin, more fixes for upgrades from 1.10.x, and a number of other smaller fixes, as well as new or updated support for Konica, TrendMicro, BigIron, Poseidon, and NetScaler devices.

    •  14 Dec 2013 07:39

    Release Notes: This unstable release contains a lot of changes under the covers, and a number of bugfixes and enhancements that were too invasive to include in the 1.12 series, including a major update to the topology GUI.

    •  14 Dec 2013 07:39

    Release Notes: This release fixed a bug in the upgrade process.

    Release Notes: This release contains a large number of bugfixes as well as a few enhancements, including JMX collection fixes, VMware import fixes, many thresholding improvements, and an upgrade tool to fix an incompatibility with upgrades from OpenNMS 1.10.x.


    Project Spotlight


    A log file navigator.


    Project Spotlight

    Open Camera

    A camera app for Android.